Fresh Market Buffet

Experience cuisines from around the globe
at the Fresh Market Square Buffet. The all-you-can-eat
buffet features more than 162 entrees freshly
prepared at eleven action stations. A delectable
array of desserts, ice cream and espresso station
as well as an overflowing chocolate fountain complete
the delicious offerings.
Quick Bites Cafe/Variety

Starbucks Coffee

Fuel up or refuel with your favorite classic Starbucks beverage.

Quick Bites Cafe/Variety


Egg McMuffins, Big Macs, Chicken McNuggets and those world-famous fries are waiting!

Quick Bites Cafe/Variety


The aroma of Cinnabon tempts you to indulge with a flavorful cinnamon roll and a cup of Seattle’s Best Coffee.

Quick Bites Dessert

Dreyer's Ice Cream

There is nothing better than a scoop of delicious ice cream to top off a perfect evening at Harrah's Laughlin.