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rank: 1
propCode: blv
name: The Indigo Lounge
coverPrice: None
brand: ballys
phone: (877) 603-4390
type: nightlife
propertyRank: 10
market: lvm
learnMoreURL: http://www.ballyslasvegas.com/things-to-do/indigo-lounge.html
marketRank: 1
attire: Casual
learnMoreText: LEARN MORE
shortDescription: The Indigo is a cool, classic Las Vegas lounge in the center of the action, with live music that gets the crowd off their feet.
genericType: nightlife
mainImageUrl: /content/dam/blv/Nightlife/Indigo Lounge/Bally%27s-Las-Vegas-Nightlife-Indigo-Lounge-1.jpg
  day: Sun-Fri
  time: 9pm-2am
  day: Sat
  time: 9pm-3am